Digital TV
Digital Switchover for the United Kingdom is complete. We are now only able receive digital TV signals and analogue signals have ceased broadcasting permanently.

4G mobile interference
From November 2012, available frequency space in the UHF spectrum above 800Mhz will now be used for 4G mobile internet transmissions.
It is predicted that some freeview users may notice TV interference from these signals. London and South East England have been listed as potential problem areas.
The government have already set aside subsidy funding in order to diagnose and fix affected users TV aerials. We have been assured that the fitting a simple filter to your existing aerial should in most cases stop any unwanted effects.
We are working closely with the CAI and equipment manufacturers to bring you a simple and low cost solution to this problem.

Please get in touch with us if you think you have reception problems caused by 4G.

Latest switchover news
Switchover dates for London region (Crystal Palace Transmitter and its relays) dates confirmed

Stage one: 4th April 2012. From midnight BBC2 analogue ceases broadcasting permanantly - existing low powered digital channel power increases.

Stage two: 18th April 2012. From midnight all remaining analogue channels cease broadcasting.
During the morning new high powered digital and HD services are launched.

Re-Tuning of freeview TVs and set top boxes will need to be performed on both DSO dates to avoid loosing reception on some channels.

Hannington transmitter Nr Basingstoke, Hants (Switchover now complete)

Switchover is now complete for viewers in parts of Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.
If you are experiencing difficulty with freeview reception please try re-tuning your TV or set top box.

For more information visit this link:

What is switchover?

All TV in the UK is going Digital.

The old analogue TV signal will be switched off and replaced with a new stronger digital TV signal.

Why is switchover happening?

Switchover is happening so that freeview services through an aerial can be extended to people who can't currently get it.

It also allows high definition channels to be more widely available.

Where does my signal come from?

If you live in the London TV region your signal comes from the Crystal Palace transmitter or one of its relays (including Guildford Reigate and Hemel Hempstead

Our coverage area is also covered by Hannington and Midhurst transmitters which switch in February 2012.

When do I switch?

Crystal Palace transmitter and its relays switch in two stages on 4th and 18th April 2012
  • Stage one, Analogue BBC2 is switched off permanently
  • Stage two, the remaining analogue channels are switched off, digital channels then become available in all areas and digital power will be increased.


You will have to re-tune your freeview boxes and TVs  on the switchover dates above.

Getting Ready

Do I need a new aerial?

There is no such thing as a 'digital TV aerial' and most existing aerials will be suitable for switchover. However, if you have a poor signal on analogue it is likely you will need to replace your aerial

How much does an aerial cost?

Installation of a rooftop wideband aerial will cost between £85-185. Additional sockets cost around £45 each if installed at the same time as the aerial.

We are a CAI approved company and hold the necessary CAI plus status for switchover.

Do I need a new TV?

No. Almost all TV's can be converted with a digital box. Most digital boxes connect using a SCART lead.

Do I need a HD TV?

To received freeview in HD you will need a new HD TV with freeview HD built in. However, if you have a HD ready TV you can receive it with a freeview HD box.

*Please note: Freeview HD (built in) and HD (ready) TVs are not the same thing*

Postcode checker

We have a postcode checker that links to digital UK's website where you can check the exact date of switchover in your area
Please click here to check your date

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